Special Delivery!

by Team Basic

"Congratulations! You are now a delivery person for the town's cafe! What great delivery adventures stand before you! Wait... what are you doing? Don't eat that food, it's for the customer! At least... make sure they can't tell."


  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Action buttons -  Z, X
  • Start - Enter


Start with $50. Talk to the Chef at the cafe to start an order. Find a secret spot to take a bite to eat! (look for the screen to shake, then you'll know there is a good spot close) Eat as much as you can without getting caught! Deliver the order to the correct house number! Make sure it's on time! You can also Save and/or Load your game inside the Cafe.


Earn $100 and see what's behind the locked door of the cafe!


  • At the beginning, follow the arrows!
  • Remember, check your menu to track your stats and current house to deliver. 
  • Always eat the food, but not too much! 

For Judges:

There are two characters, each has a different ending. To switch to the astronaut and get the rocket-ship make a delivery to the bottom left house and accept the astronaut's help. To gain money and skip to the end (see what's behind the locked door), go through the invisible part of the fence at the astronaut's house and communicate with the alien rock!

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